Sparrowhawk or Goshawk?


Never had a photo of this bird preaching on the tree. Every time i’m passing by around 6:00AM to 6:45AM near Camilla Homes going to Palinpinon, Valencia, I never miss this bird flying towards southeast. I suspect this is a Large Hawk-Cuckoo. What do you think?

Large Hawk-Cuckoo

Large Hawk-Cuckoo


Pechora Pipit (Documentary Shot)

These are the document shots of Pechora Pipit(Anthus gustavi) at Mabinay Spring, Negros Oriental on November 10, 2012 and the location was 20 meters distance from the restroom. It was a low light situation because I started birding at 5AM in the morning. Now, i’m on the location I noticed something running on the ground so I switch-on my built-in flash to get ready but suddenly it appears 3 Pipits in front of me and running so fast that’s why I got only 3 photos on the process. Since then I never saw them again on the same day and month last year.Image

Welcome Note!

I am Onnie Espeña from the city of gentle people Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines. Join me as I travel and photographing beautiful birds in the world and must be protected.ImageSpotted-wood Kingfisher – Phil. Endemic – LMEP